Government Orders

Government Orders

*GO (Rt) No. 797/2017/Fin Dated.01.02.2017- Re authorization of unspent balance of Funds for 2015-16 to Local Governments

*GO(Rt) No.9294/2016/Fin Dated.30.11.2016-Release of Performance Grant 16-17 to Grama Panchayats and Municipalities-Authorisation of 2nd installment ot funds

*GO(Rt)No.2952/2016/LSGD Dated.27.10.2016- Allocation of fund to support Backward Panchayats including Tribal clusters and revenue deficit municipalities

*GO(Rt) No.7829/2016/Fin(SFC Cell-A Dated.01.10.2016-Release of Performance Grant 16-17 to Grama Panchayat & Municipalities - Modified Orders Issued

*GO(Rt)No.7867/2016/FIN Dated.30.09.2016-Release of Performance Grant to Grama Panchayats & Municipalities

*GO(Rt)No.2488/2016/LSGD Dated.20.08.2016- Modified ESMF Document- Guidelines to LGs issued

*GO(Rt)No.2359/2016/LSGD Dated.04.08.2016-Constitution of Technical Advisory Groups at District Level for vetting of Projects as part of financial assistance to backward LGs

*GO(Rt)No.1992/2016/LSGD Dated.25.06.2016-Approval of Social Audit Manual prepared by SIRD

*GO(Rt) No.839/2016/FIn/Dated.28.01.2016-Declaration of Special Secretary, LSGD as Drawing & Disbursing Officer of the Head of Account 2515-00-800-13 Project Management & Capacity Building under KLGSDP

*GO(Rt) No.741/2016/Fin/Dated.25.01.2016-Declaration of Chief Controlling Officer in respect of H/A 2515-00-800-13 Project Management & Capacity Building under KLGSDP

*GO(Rt) No.1854/2016/LSGD/Dated.06.06.2016-Appellate Authority for hearing appeals of Annual Performance Assessment 2015-16

*GO(Rt) No.1824/2016/LSGD/Dated.01.06.2016-State level committee for monitoring the activities of utilisation of additional fund

*GO(Rt) No.623/2016/LSGD/Dated.15.02.2016-Committee for the evalutaion of selection of NGOs for Need Assessment and for the preparation of DPR for Backward, Tribal Panchayats & Revenue deficit municipalities

*GO(Rt) No.254/2016/LSGD/Dated.22.01.2016-List of Backward Grama Panchayats, Grama Panchayats having Tribal Clusters and Revenue Deficit Municipalities

*GO(Rt) No.148/2016/LSGD/Dated.14.01.2016-Release of Fund to KLGSDP

*GO(Ms) No.366/2015/LSGD dated.29.12.2015- Extension of KLGSDP

*GO(Rt) No.3880/2015/LSGD/Dated.29.12.2015-Annual Performance Assessment 2015-16-Approval of Evaluation Tool Kit & Framework

*GO(Rt) No.3205/2015/LSGD/Dated.28.10.2015-Kannur Municipality and Thrikkadavu Grama Panchayat to remit back the unutilised Performance Grant

*GO(Rt) No.339/2015/Fin/Dated.07.08.2015-Selection & Accrediation of Agencies for execution of public works

*GO(Rt) No.2155/2015/LSGD/Dated.16.07.2015-Design and Malayalam name for KLGSDP as 'Thaddesa Mithram Padhathi"

*GO(Rt) No.2714/LSGD/Dated.26.03.2015-Release of Performance Grant 2014-15

*GO(Rt) No.3482/LSGD/Dated.29.12.2014- Annual Performance Assessment 2014-15-Approval of Evaluation Tool Kit & Framework

*GO(MS) No.95/LSGD/Dated.31.05.2014- Communication Campaign of Panchayat Department

*GO(Rt) No.2144/LSGD/Dated.17.03.2014- Release of Performance Grant 2013-14

*GO(Rt) No.1341/2014/Fin/Dated.20.02.2014-Release of Performance Grant 2013-14

*GO(Rt) No. 2881/LSGD/Dated.25.11.2013-Annual Performance Assessment- Appellate Authorities-Constituted-reg 

*GO(Rt) No.1943/LSGD/Dated.23.07.2013- Annual Performance Assessment Strategy-Approval

*GO(Rt) No.1824/LSGD/Dated.02.07.2012- Appointment of District Co-ordinator

*GO(MS) No.188/12/LSGD Dated.02.07.2012-LSGD Engineering Wing-Appointment of AEs of Block Panchayats as Implementing Officers of Projects under KLGSDP

*GO(Rt) No.420/LSGD Dated.10.02.2012-Revision of Procurement guidelines

*GO(Rt) No.3150/LSGD Dated.31.12.2011-Release of Peformance Grant 2011-12

*GO(Rt) No.9646/FIN/Dated.27.12.2011-Authorisation of Additional Expenditure

*GO(Rt) No.9631/FIN/Dated.26.12.2011-Performance Grant to GPs & Municipalities

*GO(Rt) No.2668/LSGD/Dated.15.11.2011-World Bank Assistance-Additional Guidelines to GPs & ULBs

*GO(Rt) No.168/LSGD/Dated.05.08.2011-Co-ordination Committee

*GO(Rt) No.1859/LSGD Dated.05.08.2011-Steering Committee

*GO(Rt) No.1867/LSGD Dated.05.08.2011-Joint Programme Committee

*GO(Rt) No.1731/LSGD Dated.20.07.2011-World Bank Assistance-Guidelines

*GO(Rt) No.5529/FIN/Dated.12.07.2011-Authorisation of Additional Expenditure

*GO(Rt) No.2543/FIN/Dated.30.03.2011-Opening of TSB Account

*GO(MS) No.2/LSGD/Dated.01.01.2011-Implementation of KLGSDP

*GO(Rt) No.7275/FIN/Dated.01.10.2010-Distribution of Lumpsum provision

*GO(Rt) No.3324/LSGD/Dated.08.09.2008-Preparation of Project Proposal


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