Component 2

Component 2- Capacity Building for local bodies (Rs 51.52 crore)

This component will provide capacity building inputs to institutionalize the existing systems and human resources of the following institutions envisioned for providing training to PRIs.

1.       Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA)
2.       State Institute of Rural Development (SIRD)
3.       Information Kerala Mission (IKM)


1. Support will be provided for preparation of:


  • Public Report, Budget, Plan, FM, Asset Management, Public Works & Maintenance Manuals,
  • Statutory Auditing Manual,
  • Office Management Manual and ESMF DPR
  • Development of Training Modules and ToT for above manuals.

2. Strengthening the Help Desk  in the wake of the new areas like ESMF and revised procurement procedures.  


Support to develop the toolkits  PRA, Social Audits

The Project will ensure availability of one engineer per Block to provide inter alia assistance to the LSGs within the Block. These engineers will provide technical assistance to individual GPs and Municipalities during preparation of DPRs ensuring ESMF compliances as per guidelines and supervision of works funded by Project. The project will meet the fund required to cover the related travel costs of engineers.


The project will provide support for hiring one accountant-cum-IT specialist in each Block through IKM on a temporary basis to enter legacy data.The project will provide support to the expansion of IKM capabilities to provide technical support (on-line and mentoring) to LSGs for the implementation of e-governance systems, and accounting systems.