Daily Themed Crossword Clues Answers and Solutions for August 7, 2022 (Sunday)

Daily Themed Crossword clues answers can be checked here for August 7, 2022 (Sunday). All the puzzle solver who are addicted to this crossword game and play daily but some time stuck to find correct word for any crossword clue then this page will completely guide to to get correct Daily Themed Crossword across and down answers from top to bottom. So keep reading this page to find out answers for all DTC crossword solution.

Daily Themed Crossword Answers (August 7, 2022)


  • 1a. Circular roller coaster featureLOOP
  • 5a. Website help section: Abbr.FAQ
  • 8a. Fireplace woodLOG
  • 11a. Bundle of hayBALE
  • 12a. Critical hospital ward: Abbr.ICU
  • 13a. Take one’s breath awayAWE
  • 14a. ___ Tanner, DJ Tanner’s younger sister in the sitcom “Full House,” played by Jodie SweetinSTEPHANIE
  • 17a. ___ Gala, event whose theme in 2022 was “Gilded Glamour”MET
  • 18a. Title bestowed by the QueenSIR
  • 19a. Feeling no painNUMB
  • 21a. Connecting site for bonesJOINT
  • 23a. Prefix with “graphy” or “metry”GEO
  • 24a. “___ Men” (sitcom starring Jon Hamm)MAD
  • 25a. Cupful served with crumpets, perhapsTEA
  • 27a. Anna’s elder sister in the film “Frozen,” voiced by Idina MenzelELSA
  • 31a. Sound heard during a haircutSNIP
  • 33a. Go downhill, saySKI
  • 36a. Charged particleION
  • 37a. ___ Wilder, “Blazing Saddles” actorGENE
  • 38a. Golf standardPAR
  • 39a. Mother’s Day monthMAY
  • 40a. Bar serving, for shortALC
  • 43a. Tia and ___ Mowry, twin actresses who play the sisters separated at birth in “Sister, Sister”TAMERA
  • 45a. ___ Banks, Hilary Banks’s younger sister in the sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” played by Tatyana AliASHLEY
  • 48a. Keanu Reeves’s role in “The Matrix”NEO
  • 49a. Avoid honesty, sayLIE
  • 50a. Purple berry in a smoothieACAI
  • 52a. Garbage destinationDUMP
  • 56a. Organization concerned with toothaches: Abbr.ADA
  • 57a. Addition signPLUS
  • 58a. Jacob’s biblical twinESAU
  • 59a. Actress’s workplaceSET
  • 60a. Letter with a twisty shapeESS
  • 61a. Milk, in a French cafeLAIT
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  • 1d. Ounces and ounces, for shortLBS
  • 2d. Granola tidbitOAT
  • 3d. “Bravo!” at a soccer matchOLE
  • 4d. Coca-Cola’s competitorPEPSI
  • 5d. Fish appendageFIN
  • 6d. Breezing through, as an examACING
  • 7d. Line that sounds like a letterQUEUE
  • 8d. Mary’s little follower?LAMB
  • 9d. Have bills left to pay, sayOWE
  • 10d. “___ to the point!”GET
  • 15d. Puzzle solver’s aidHINT
  • 16d. ___ Johnson, comedian on “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In”ARTE
  • 20d. Bartender for “The Simpsons”MOE
  • 21d. ___ Bennet, Elizabeth Bennet’s elder sister in the film “Pride & Prejudice,” played by Rosamund PikeJANE
  • 22d. Thor’s fatherODIN
  • 24d. Chinese food additive: Abbr.MSG
  • 26d. Snake in Cleopatra’s historyASP
  • 28d. “Key” follower to mean a pie flavorLIME
  • 29d. Glide, like a bird of preySOAR
  • 30d. Actress Taylor-Joy of “The Queen’s Gambit”ANYA
  • 32d. Ring, as a bell (anagram of “pale”)PEAL
  • 34d. ___ Everdeen, Primrose Everdeen’s elder sister in “The Hunger Games” trilogy, played by Jennifer LawrenceKATNISS
  • 35d. “Dies ___” (Latin poem)IRAE
  • 41d. ___ of faithLEAP
  • 42d. Ride a bike, sayCYCLE
  • 44d. Gigi Hadid or Bella Hadid, e.g.MODEL
  • 45d. “Such a pity” cryALAS
  • 46d. Fries or mashed potatoes, for oneSIDE
  • 47d. Warm up, as foodHEAT
  • 51d. Down Under country, for shortAUS
  • 53d. “Born in the ___” (Springsteen hit)USA
  • 54d. ___ tai (rhyming cocktail)MAI
  • 55d. “___ on a happy face”PUT
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