Daily Themed Crossword Clues Answers and Solutions for August 8, 2022 (Monday)

Daily Themed Crossword clues answers can be checked here for August 8, 2022 (Monday). All the puzzle solver who are addicted to this crossword game and play daily but some time stuck to find correct word for any crossword clue then this page will completely guide to to get correct Daily Themed Crossword across and down answers from top to bottom. So keep reading this page to find out answers for all DTC crossword solution.

Daily Themed Crossword Answers (August 8, 2022)


  • 1a. Warning from a librarianSHH
  • 4a. “I couldn’t care less”MEH
  • 7a. “For ___ a jolly…”HES
  • 10a. ___ Chi (martial arts form)TAI
  • 11a. “Frozen” snowmanOLAF
  • 13a. “___ of You,” 2005 Grammy-nominated song by the alt-rock band Foo FightersBEST
  • 14a. Balloon fillerAIR
  • 15a. El ___ (weather phenomenon)NINO
  • 16a. Warning sign of doom, sayOMEN
  • 17a. From Athens or Volos, sayGREEK
  • 19a. Nancy ___ (fictional teenage detective)DREW
  • 21a. Pet doctorVET
  • 23a. “___ Like These,” 2003 song by Foo Fighters that was featured in the TV series “One Tree Hill”TIMES
  • 27a. Black ___ Peas, “Let’s Get It Started” groupEYED
  • 29a. Distributed, as cardsDEALT
  • 30a. Airplane wing measurementSPAN
  • 33a. Commercials skipped on YouTube, for shortADS
  • 35a. Roman “three”III
  • 36a. Actor Somerhalder of “Lost”IAN
  • 37a. “The ___,” 2007 Grammy-winning song by Foo FightersPRETENDER
  • 40a. Kansas or Kentucky, e.g.STATE
  • 42a. Fast-running birdEMU
  • 43a. “___ Breaky Heart” (Billy Ray Cyrus hit)ACHY
  • 46a. Chicken cordon ___BLEU
  • 49a. Knife’s tined companionFORK
  • 52a. 1997 song by Foo Fighters that was featured in the film “The Wolf of Wall Street”EVERLONG
  • 55a. Like dad jokes, to teensLAME
  • 56a. ___ on (bank on)RELY
  • 57a. Bite from a playful puppyNIP
  • 58a. They end on December 31st, for shortYRS
  • 59a. Scandinavian capital with “The Scream” paintingOSLO
  • 60a. Town roads, for shortSTS
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  • 1d. Male deerSTAG
  • 2d. Shampoo targetHAIR
  • 3d. Bring into the companyHIRE
  • 4d. “___ Wrench,” 1997 song by Foo Fighters that peaked at number 9 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Tracks chartMONKEY
  • 5d. One who once studied at YaleELI
  • 6d. Pinkie’s placeHAND
  • 7d. Tailor’s lineHEM
  • 8d. Suffix with “Vietnam”ESE
  • 9d. Subway stop, brieflySTN
  • 12d. Tit ___ tatFOR
  • 13d. David who sang “Space Oddity”BOWIE
  • 18d. Divisible by twoEVEN
  • 20d. Leaving time for a flight, say: Abbr.ETD
  • 22d. Sign of sadness?TEAR
  • 24d. ___ of honor (bride’s aide)MAID
  • 25d. ___ Saab of fashionELIE
  • 26d. Mix, as sugar in coffeeSTIR
  • 28d. J.F.K.’s predecessor: Abbr.DDE
  • 30d. Niece, to a nephew, for shortSIS
  • 31d. Butter amountPAT
  • 32d. Actress de Armas of “No Time to Die”ANA
  • 34d. Sault ___ MarieSTE
  • 37d. Chest muscle, brieflyPEC
  • 38d. Pre-fetus stageEMBRYO
  • 39d. Void’s companionNULL
  • 41d. “___ it or leave it!”TAKE
  • 44d. “My ___,” 1998 song by Foo Fighters that was featured in the film “Varsity Blues”HERO
  • 45d. ___ Saint Laurent (luxury fashion brand)YVES
  • 47d. Many, many millenniaEONS
  • 48d. “U” in CPUUNIT
  • 49d. “Learn to ___,” 1999 Grammy-winning song by Foo FightersFLY
  • 50d. Rower in some racesOAR
  • 51d. Hotel bookings, for shortRMS
  • 53d. 90-degree angle’s shapeELL
  • 54d. It may help you find your way back home: Abbr.GPS
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