LA Times Crossword Clues Answers and Solutions for August 8, 2022 (Monday)

LA Times Crossword clues answers can be checked here for August 8, 2022 (Monday). All the puzzle solver who are addicted to this crossword game and play daily but some time stuck to find correct word for any crossword clue then this page will completely guide to to get correct LA Times Crossword across and down answers from top to bottom. So keep reading this page to find out answers for all los angeles time crossword solution.

LA Times Crossword Answers (August 8, 2022)


  • Chocolate dogs LABS
  • Culinary plants HERBS
  • Ready for my cat treat! MEOW
  • Zone AREA
  • Prefix with -phobia AGORA
  • Surfers swell WAVE
  • The Great Pottery Throw Down material CLAY
  • Tag players cry NOTIT
  • State firmly AVER
  • *I cant capture how amazing that was! YOUHADTOBETHERE
  • Form 1040 org. IRS
  • Smell awful REEK
  • Museum-funding org. NEA
  • College in Cedar Rapids Iowa COE
  • Doze NODOFF
  • *Fallible in very ordinary ways ONLYHUMAN
  • Enjoy with relish SAVOR
  • Country star McEntire REBA
  • Divided island of Southeast Asia TIMOR
  • Actress Hatcher TERI
  • With sincerity TRULY
  • *Spend extravagantly LIVELARGE
  • Household skills class for short HOMEEC
  • Thats __-brainer! ANO
  • Kristens The Good Place co-star TED
  • Mean Girls screenwriter Fey TINA
  • Egg cells OVA
  • *Very rarely ONCEINABLUEMOON
  • Winter fabric WOOL
  • Water from France EVIAN
  • What fun! WHEE
  • Periods of time ERAS
  • First responder MEDIC
  • Lively in mus. ANIM
  • URL destination SITE
  • Coeur d__ Idaho ALENE
  • Carpe diem acronym spelled out by the starts of the answers to the starred clues YOLO
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  • Full of frills LACY
  • Alices Restaurant singer Guthrie ARLO
  • Sweetheart BEAU
  • Greet casually with to SAYHI
  • Distributes as flyers HANDSOUT
  • Grand slam earned by Jennifer Hudson for short EGOT
  • Piece in a LEGO helicopter set ROTOR
  • Illegal payoff BRIBE
  • Shiny fabric SATEEN
  • Kisses dahling MWAH
  • Gutter locale EAVE
  • Eggs __ easy OVER
  • Used to be WERE
  • Curved part of a foot ARCH
  • Boxing refs calls TKOS
  • Toward the Arctic Circle NORTH
  • Month before febrero ENERO
  • Photo book ALBUM
  • Czech track legend Z‡topek EMIL
  • Spreadsheet input DATA
  • Out in the open OVERT
  • Make a fake of FORGE
  • Like tempura FRIED
  • Ivy League school in Connecticut YALE
  • __ dreaming? AMI
  • __ Scotia NOVA
  • Give up formally RENOUNCE
  • Himalayan Bigfoot YETI
  • Rom-com subject LOVE
  • Movie house CINEMA
  • __ orange NAVEL
  • Put up with ABIDE
  • Multilevel marketing giant AMWAY
  • Has bills to pay OWES
  • Edible seaweed NORI
  • Parka e.g. COAT
  • Alternatively ELSE
  • Reclined LAIN
  • Dismayed cry OHNO
  • Trompe l__: optical illusion OEIL
  • Missing fish in a Pixar film NEMO
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