New Meta logins are available for Quest VR owners

Tech giant Meta has announced that it will now let its Quest VR headsets users log in via a new Meta account.

The company said this update will roll out globally on a gradual basis, so, users who do not have the option to create a Meta account and Meta Horizon profile right away will get the update soon.

New Meta logins are available for Quest VR owners

“Our new Meta account structure gives you more flexibility and control, letting you choose how you do and don’t show up — and whether Facebook and/or Instagram is part of your experience in VR and other surfaces where you use your Meta Horizon profile,” the company said in a blogpost.

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“We want to make the account setup process as easy as possible, so let’s walk through how to get started,” it added.

If you are new to Meta VR devices, you can create a Meta account using an email address, Facebook account, or Instagram account.

When you first put on your headset, you will get a code that you can use to pair your headset with the Oculus mobile app. You can continue with Facebook or Instagram or use your email address to create a Meta account.

If you use a Facebook or Instagram account to create your Meta account, both that social media account and your Meta account will be added to the same Accounts Center, which lets you unlock connected experiences like finding Instagram followers to play with in VR and using Messenger in VR.

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If you create your Meta account using an email address, you will be asked to provide your name and birthday.

“Sharing your age helps us provide the right experiences to the right age group. You must be 13 years old or older (or 14 years old or older in Spain and South Korea) to create a Meta account,” the company said.

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“Once you finish creating your Meta account, it’s time to set up your Meta Horizon profile. You will select a display name and a unique username. You can also add a profile picture,” it added.

The company also mentioned that if you have been logging into your VR device with your Oculus account, you can continue to do so until January 1, 2023, at which point you will need to create a Meta account and Meta Horizon profile to continue using your Meta VR device.New Meta logins are available for Quest VR owners

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